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The following images are the non-commercial, informal photographs found in the Australian album of the Schell Collection at Yale's Art Gallery Print Room.  They were taken in Sydney (and a few in Melbourne), many of them at the headquarters of the Picturesque Atlas of Australasia, Wynyard Square, in 1886-87.  I can identify some of the artists and other people shown here, but I need help in identifying many of the figures shown.  If you have any information about these images, please send us an email: Click to send us an email For Picturesque Atlas scholars, these will be of tremendous interest, since very few of them have been seen before. 
UPDATE 2019:  Thanks to Gary Werskey, National Library of Australia, and Natalie Wilson, Art Gallery of New South Wales, for identifying some of these artists!



1.  Frederic Schell and his wife, Botanic Gardens, Sydney.


2. Artists in Picturesque Atlas offices, Wynyard Square, 1886. The one dressed as a constable MAY be Schell himself. The others: sitting might be William Fitler. Who is standing?

Schell in park

3a. Who is Schell talking to in this Melbourne park?  This is the basis of a PAA photoengraving:
                photoengraving Melbourne Botanical Gardens

3b. This is the full-page photoengraving in PAA that Schell made based on the photo. In PA, opp. p. 237, vol. I.

4. PA artist at desk with engraving block.  Is this Julian Ashton?[Werskey believes this is Horace Baker, the American senior engraver for the PAA]

PA artists as Kangaroos

5. One of several joking photos made in the offices of the PA. In the middle is Schell, and below is probably William Fitler.  The shot may have been made by A.K. Syer, the Sydney photographer who did some of the other informal photos here.

Smedley portrait?

6. Possibly William Smedley in the PAA offices.
[Werskey:  "definitely George Collingridge"] [Wilson: "The identification of George Collingridge came from the attached article I found in the Lone Hand...]
---see The Lone Hand, vol. 7, no. 10, 1 September 1917

PA Headquarters, Wynyard Square

7. As far as I know, this is one of the only known photographs showing the exterior of the PA offices on Wynyard Square. Probably taken by A.K. Syer, 1886?

Schell's wife & Aesthetic door

8. Natalie Wilson has identified this woman as the artist Constance Roth. Great Aesthetic Movement door, eh? Wilson bases this identification on her own searching, and also from the work of Aesthetic Movement expert Andrew Montana, in his article "Constance Roth and Ellis Rowan: Lady Artists and Matters of Influence," Fabrications: The Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and New Zealand, vol. 23, no. 2, pp. 208-214.

PA artist holding palette @ desk

9. I have no idea who this artist is, but given the many paintings around him, we should be able to identify him somehow! [Wilson: "Arthur Collingridge (having compared other photographs and illustrations of the artist)"]

PA artist with engravers block @ desk

10. I love the poses with all the artists' materials around them. Who could this be?

PA artist standing with cigar

11. Could this be Phil May?
[Werskey: "...definitely Phil May"]

PA artist sitting outside

12. Apparently taken outside of PAA headquarters. No idea who this is.

PA artist seated--Y in image

13. One of the more languid moustachioed gents. 
[Werskey: "...almost certainly Frank Mahony"]

PA artist in Japanese garb

14. I love this one. Which of the PAA artists would have been so into Japanese garb?  [Wilson: "William Macleod (Macleod loved all things Japanese....")]

PA artist with curly hair

15. Thanks to my Australian colleagues, we have been able to identify this person as Albert Fullwood.

Old man on chair @ PA

16. Probably by A.K. Syer. Could it be Frank Mahony?

PA artist_Ashton?

17. Another by Syer, I think.  Julian Ashton?
[Werskey: "Julian Ashton"]

PA artist w/ mannequin

18. I LOVE this one--with a mannequin in the background! 

PA artist w/ tools

19. Again, with such a prominent artwork, we should be able to identify him!

PA artists--3 in a row

20. Another like The Kangaroos--this time Schell is at the top. Also by Syer?

Syer photo: 3 at easels
21. Now come my favorites: a series of "informal" fun shots taken by A.K. Syer, apparently all on one day in the PA offices, Wynyard Square. I think Julian Ashton is at the right.

Syer photo: 6 in a row to left

22.  So far my best guesses:  from left, Fitler, Ashton, May, Smedley, Schell, "Hop" (Livingston Hopkins). Does that look about right?

Syer photo as in AGNSW

23. This Syer is in the AGNSW collection (Accession no. 205.198). There the figures are identified as Schell (?), Fitler, "Hop", May, Ashton, and Smedley.

Syer: 6 artists facing right

24. Syer's 6 figures facing right:  "Hop", Schell, Smedley, May, Fitler, Ashton? 

Schell in Melbourne

25. Schell in Melbourne

PA family on porch

26. PAA artist and his family on their porch.

PA artist & wife--not FBS

27. PAA artist and his wife--it isn't Schell. I like this for the woman's dress--just think what those clothes were like in hot Sydney summers! [Wilson: "I also wonder if the last photograph might not be of Constance (Roth), standing next to the seated man who could be Signor Steffani who painted with all the Sydney artists and exhibited with the ASNSW"]